Art McMahon

Arthur McMahon


Entrepreneur, Founder of Harvard Group International.

Paul Halata

Paul Halata

Vice Chairman

Former CEO & President of Mercedes Benz USA LLC, and a Canadian.

Dick Hora

Richard P Hora


Former industrial member of the DoEs International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor Home Team, former member of DoE FEAC II, Vice President of Energy Progams, General Dynamics, Chairman of the Council of Superconductivity for American Competitiveness, CEO of SpaceHab Inc (Took SpaceHab public in 1995), Vice President of Strategic Planning General Dynamics, Space Systems Division, Vice President of Space & Missiles Advatech Pacific, Inc. Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development, Comptek Research, Inc.

Junaid Razvi

Dr. Junaid Razvi

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Razvi holds advanced degrees in Nuclear Engineering from University of Washington and Kansas State University. His experience includes positions in engineering and management at General Atomics over the last four decades. His tenure at General Atomics included engineering as well as project management on a variety of projects that included GEN-IV gas cooled reactor development, design, operation and licensing of TRIGA® research reactors nuclear fuel facilities, and management of used nuclear fuel. He served as General Manager of GA's Research Reactor Programs including leading the design and engineering teams on two recent research reactor construction projects. He is the author or co-author of numerous publications on GEN-IV gas reactor development and TRIGA reactor design, operation and utilization.

Joe Holland

Dr. Joe Holland, P.E.

Chief Engineer

Dr. Holland is a Nuclear Engineer with advanced degrees from Kansas State and Texas A&M. He has held various engineering positions. at Sargent & Lundy Engineers worked commercial licensing for Fermi III, Zion; Byron/Braidwood nuclear power plants; Bechtel Power Construction, Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 2, NSSS and Balance of Plant fabrication and construction. At Battelle’s Pacific Northwest Laboratory, he supported various teams working on Hi-Level DoD waste encapsulation and FFTF instrumentation. At TRW he supported a multitude of DoD projects, including MMIII, Peacekeeper, Patriot PacIV, THAAD, GBI, EEI, At Advatech Pacific, Dr. Holland held the position of chief engineer/scientist, that included conducting (for General Atomics) a magnetic bearing dynamics analysis for a 300 MWe vertical shaft direct cycle Helium turbo generator for the joint U.S./Russian Pu burner effort and the High Energy Density (Nuclear) Propulsion project at AFRL Edwards AFB.

William C Strobl

William C Strobl

Design Engineer on the Atlas ICBM Convair Astronautics, Vice President, Business  Segment Manager of Advanced Launch Vehicles (ALS and NLS), manned interplanetary vehicles design (1961 to 1965) assigned to Krafft Ehricke. He developed all the vehicles for Venus and Mar missions that were published in our reports to NASA Marshall SFC and Dr. von Braun.  Bill worked with the engineers developing the NERVA nuclear thermal engine for those missions. He has published 30 technical papers through the AIAA. Seven of these papers illustrate a concept for and discuss use and significant benefits of nuclear electric propulsion for Manned Mars mission. Bill interfaced with Dr. Al Juhasz (NASA Glenn Research Center) for his details on nuclear electric propulsion, low weight/cost space radiators, and validation of our nuclear electric propulsion sizing tools.

James Mildice

James Mildice

CEO Earth Space Applications Inc, Expert in power management and distribution, member of the General Dynamics team awarded the first contract for space station power system design. Patent holder for the variable speed universal machine. Design engineer for NASA's National Launch System.

Don Westergren

Don Westergren

Chief of Design, Earth Space Applications Inc. Co patent holder for Variable Speed Universal Machine (VSUM) Mechanical Engineer on ALS and NLS for NASA and the Air Force.

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