About AGPower92

AGPower92 began in 1995 as the Motive Power Development (MPD) Corp.

MPD was formed by James Mildice, Don Westergren and others.

Together they invented and demonstrated the Variable Speed Universal Machine or VSUM which was patented in US Patent Office publication WO 1999014847A. VSUM offers promise as a highly efficient way to synchronize multiple alternators with precision.

MPD evolved into Earth Space Applications, Inc. or ESAI by adding William Strobl and Richard Hora. ESAI performed research under funding from the Air Force Research Laboratory on nuclear electric propulsion systems for Air Force missions. These systems employed a Small Modular Reactor as the primary source. ESAI developed the reactor concepts, the heat transfer concept. The alternators (Based on VSUM), Power Management and Distribution (PMAD) designed by Jim Mildice who was also instrumental in the original design for NASA’s Space Station’s PMAD; and cooling based on work by Dr Juhazs at NASA.

Subsequently, ESAI worked with Dr. Juhazs at NASA Glenn to explore the design of a highly efficient nuclear electric power system for manned spacecraft application.

In all those studies we frequently worked with nuclear engineer Dr. Joe Holland and consulted with other HTGR experts. Wendel Burkhardt of Wask Engineering is also consulting from high temperature turbine industry.

Results of this decade of work included publication of multiple DoD reports with limited distributions and more recently a series of AIAA publications concerning the application of the advanced small modular nuclear power system to manned Mars missions.

Our Solution and Its Benefits

Fully demonstrated operationally



Virtually autonomous


Factory built

Pollution free

Low cost

No residuals left behind at end of life cycle.

The longest-term

Only a High Temperature Gas Reactors (HTGR) using TRISO fuel can offer remote power in areas with little or no infastructure.
With decades between refueling and minimal staff, this is as close as you can get to a "set it and forget it" power station.

The Best Solution for Your Power Needs

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